Your Pocket size wig holder

Wiggo Wig Holder

 Be Bold !

wiggo wig holder

Why be Bulky, When You can be Pocket Size?

Wiggo is the Pocket Size Wig and Hair Extension Holder that is Fully collapsible & perfect for displaying your wigs, wig prep and styling needs.


Easy to Store
Light Weight
Sleek/Pocket Sized
Fully Collapsible

for Luxury & Convinience

How Wiggo Works:

  • Take Wiggo out from the Case.
  • Open the 6 Arms of Wiggo around the Hinge.
  • Bring down the Lower stands of each Arm.
  • Ready to use!


Luxury, Quality & Comfort

Keep Calm, & Buy Wiggo

What happens when you buy those big bulky mannequin heads or styrofoam wig holders & notice they take up so much space. They cannot carry in your purse or luggage? Oh! You need a Wiggo!


Chocolate Brown

Tiffany Blue

Rose Gold

Pastel Violet

Pastel Green

Cool Grey

As Long as I can wear a Wig, I can be Any Character in real life!

  1. Have you always wanted to store and display your wigs using limited space and storage? No worries, Wiggo is all you need to get it done.
Store & Prep
Blow Dry


Made for long, short, curly, straight wigs. Each Wiggo system comes with a built-in advanced universal tripod port that makes it fast and easy to style, display, store, prep and blow dry your wigs for the best look.

The advanced Polycarbonate material prevents breaking, scratching and cuts, while the stainless-steel rivets provide a smooth cylindrical permanent mechanical fastener.

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Satisfied Customers


" Wiggo is a great invention to help anyone who has experienced cancer and wears a wig. They can store there wigs with wiggo in a small, compact space. #Ilovewiggo"


"Wiggo is a simple, cute device to display your wigs. It's light weight and I like that feature also."

Diamond Beauty Supply

"Wiggo is perfect for when you're traveling. I like that it's easy to carry in a purse or small bag."

Mellisa, Hair Stylist

"Wiggo is an awesome idea and I'll definitely use it in my salon to display wigs. Wiggo is creative."


"Wow! Wiggo is really better than those heavy, old mannequin head. I like that I can use the tripod extension for my long wigs. #yestowiggo"


"Wiggo is a true upgrade for wigs - I love the colors. I am buying the Tiffany blue and Grey."


"I don't wear wigs.. hahah! but my wife does and she will love this. Now she doesn't have to put her wigs in plastic bags anymore."


"I am in the entertainment Industry, I use alot of wigs for my costumes and performances. Wiggo is a game changer to store and display my wigs. #gamechanger"

 sleek, Compac & foldable

Keep Calm & Carry Wiggo in just a Purse!